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Clean up Your World™
with Billy Goat!

When it comes to property clean up, Billy Goat features a full line of product solutions for all your residential, commercial and municipal needs. We invite you to review our catalog and work with our worldwide network of stocking and servicing dealers to pick the machine that is right for your clean up application, property and season.

In spring, consider Billy Goat's line of chipper-vacs to knock out the annual "Spring Clean-Up" of thatch, leaves, blooms, branches, seeds and other lawn and garden debris that has accumulated over the winter.

In the spirit of "Cleaning Up", we also invite you to consider the wider message of "clean up" in your community and participate in activities such as recycling, composting, doing yard clean up for a neighbor or participating in organizations such as "adopt a highway" or taking part in other community litter clean-up organizations and activities. For over 40 years, this is the "can do" spirit we have seen in our business, dealer network and customers that inspires us to make our communities a better place. It is integral to our "Clean up Your World" With Billy Goat" message.

Billy Goat is a family-owned and operated business located outside of Kansas City, Missouri. For over 40 years, Billy Goat has designed and manufactured property clean up products with a reputation for integrity, innovation, and quality.

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